About Us

Yel-o.com : The Company has established itself as one of the Prime suppliers and exporters of Processed Fruit Products across the world. With its focus to Global Industries, processed fruit products, canned and aseptically packaged, the company has linked India’s best fruit Hubs to the global Industry. The company has also achieved, one of its kind, a strong backward integration and a large captive farming for Organic & normal fruits to ensure year round fruit supplies to its Plants and therefore, ensuring continuous processing while maintaining the quality norms at its best.

Our Experts : We have a team of experts having in-depth knowledge of market dynamics, enabling us to cater with the ever increasing and changing demands of our customers. Due to the hard work of our experienced workforce, we have been able to maintain our quality and reliability standards and have gained global appreciation as well. Our unit of quality analyst continuously checks out the quality of the agro products being exported to assure we deliver only qualitative and fresh products to our clients.

Infrastructure : Our up-to-date infrastructure is supported by a strong and well-equipped technical unit. Having a ‘Culture towards Quality’, the company maintains high degree of hygiene and cleanliness at its all manufacturing sites as well as storage units to ensure each and every product coming from its Plants comply with the best quality and safety regulations. It, thus, acknowledge its customer’s sensitivities and appreciation towards QUALITY and SAFETY.